YAMAHA DGX650B Digital Portable Grand Keyboard

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More than just a great piano.

The DGX-650 offers the playability of a real acoustic piano with a comprehensive suite of auto-accompaniment and performance functions that let you give form to your musical inspirations with ease.
Features / Specifications

The DGX-650 combines piano Voices, sampled from one of Yamaha’s finest grand pianos, with a keyboard that offers acoustic piano playability. Combined with an auto-accompaniment and performance functions that give form to your musical inspirations, the DGX-650 gives you the freedom to perform in almost any musical genre.

Grand Piano Performance

To make the most out of outstanding piano Voices sampled from a world-class Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano, the DGX-650 pairs Yamaha's Graded Hammer Standard keyboard with the power and clarity of a stereo speaker system. This provides authentic piano touch and tone while using the subtle dynamics and tonal shadings of a grand piano to enhance your performance.

Extensive Library of Styles

Equipped with a huge number of built-in bands in the form of Songs and Styles, the DGX-650 lets you perform in almost any genre of music. Simply play a chord progression with your left hand and the Style will follow along, matching your playing just like a real band would, giving you authentic sounding backing that has to be heard to be believed. When you want more Songs and Styles, just visit www.yamahamusicsoft.com to download even more great-sounding Songs and Styles!

Get Straight to the Music

The DGX-650 lets you jump right in and enjoy playing music, even if you're new to performing. Style Recommender helps you choose the perfect accompaniment to the song you want to play. When you’re ready to start playing that song, the Smart Chord function turns your single-note, left-hand playing into rich, full arrangements. To make things even easier, the DGX-650 features a large, crystal-clear display that can display music notation, chord changes and lyrics.

Connect to a Variety of External Devices

Whether you want to share your performances on the internet, make your own CDs or playback music from your iPod, the DGX-650 has got you covered. PHONE and USB ports (both TO HOST and TO DEVICE) and an AUX stereo mini-jack input lets you connect almost any external device to the DGX-650 for recording, data transfer and more!
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