SHARP KCA60JW Air Purifier

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* Air Purifier with PCI, Odour and Dust Sensor to Cover Up to 48m2, Humidifying up to 34m2
* Dual Action of PCI and HEPA filter will purify the air in the area up to 48m2 and keep up to 34m2 at a comfortable humidity level with the new humidity function.
Features / Specifications

* Plasmacluster Ion Technology

Efficient Air Circulation for Quick Dust Removal

Sharp's efficient and powerful airflow and circulation devices enable quick dust removal. It takes approximately 20 minutes for the KCA60JW to clean a room of 48m2 size at the maximum fan speed.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor detect and adjust levels for Maximum Comfort

The rotating humidifying filter automatically starts humidifying when the room becomes dry, and stops when the room is too humid. When humidifying is not performed, the filter disc rotation stops and remains free of water immersion and dries with ventilation, preventing mould growth.

Simple to Use Control Panel

Simple control panel allows operation of air purifying alone and with Plasmacluster ion shower on, switching between 5 operation modes and adjusting the sensor sensitivity. Comprehensive light control system indicates current mode of operation and air quality in the room.

High Dust and Pollen Collection Capacity

Special Pollen Mode regulates the speed of the fan operation alternating between High and Medium Mode to maximise pollen collection capacity. Dual action dust removal with HEPA filtration and Plasmacluster Ion dust allergen inactivation ensures high efficiency.

* 5 Modes of operation: Clean air & Humidify, Clean air, Clean ion shower, fan speed and Plasmacluster ion on/off
* 5 fan modes: Max/Medium/Low, Auto mode and pollen mode
* 4 useful function: Lights control, child lock, sound indicator setting and adjustment of sensor detection sensitivity.
* Simple operation and cleaning for easy everyday use
* Washable deodorizing filter
* Efficient and long lasting Antimicrobial HEPA filter
* Odour, dust, temperature and humidity sensor
* Clean sign indicator for odour and dust
* Quiet Operation
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