SHARP IGA10JW Ion Generator Air Purifier (White)

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Improve the air quality for the home or office using Plasmacluster Ion technology.
Features / Specifications

* Model Number - IGA10JW
* Colour - White
* Air-Purifying System - High-density PCI Positive and Negative
* Ion Density (ions/cm³) (High / Low)
* 25,000 / 7,000
* Voltage / Frequency (V / Hz)
* 230-240 / 50

* Recommended Room Size - Up to 10 m²
* Air Flow Volume (m³/hour) (High / Low) - 102 / 72
* Noise Level dBA (High / Low) - 44 / 34
* Power Consumption (W) (High / Low / Standby) - 14 / 6.5 / 0.3

Dimensions (W x H x D)

* 140mm x 345mm x 160mm

Carton Dimensions (W x H x D)

* 218mm x 439mm x 228mm

Weight kg (Net / Gross)

* 2.5 / 3.5

Plasma Cluster Ion Technology

Plasmacluster Ion technology releases both positive and negative ions into the air. The cluster ions diffuse through the room, surrounding airborne allergens, turning them into harmless substances like water.

High Ion Density of 25,000 ions/cm3

Powerful air purification capabilities are ensured with use of newly developed high-density Plasmacluser ion generator achieving 25,000 ions/cm3 density in High Mode. To enable stable ion emission with high density the Plasmacluster ion generating unit mounted in IGA10J needs to be replaced periodically. The replacement is recommended after 17,500 hours of operation (around 2 years when operating 24 hours a day).

Low Power Consumption and Quiet Operation

The IGA10J 6.5 Watts low power consumption combined with its 34 dB operating noise level (in Low Mode), which rivals the quiet of the library, enables comfortable year-round use.

Simple One-touch Operation

Press the operation button to generate the Plasmacluster Ions. The airstream can be increased (High Mode) to boost the purifying capacity.
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