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Cordless Phone – Triple Pack

Baby monitor sound detection and calling feature

Power Failure Talk System – works during blackouts

Stylish design with bright 1.8” TFT LCD screen

Incoming Call Block and Night Mode

One touch eco mode and digital answering machine

Stylish cordless phone triple-pack, featuring a baby monitor alert system

Safety comes first when it comes to your family and the KX-TG8563 cordless phone system has all bases covered. The sound detection and calling feature means you can monitor sounds from another room, perfect for children or elderly family members, while the Power Failure Talk System ensures that you can make calls even when the power goes out. You can also control who calls and when thanks to the Incoming Call Block and Night Mode features.

Detects sound and can even call to alert you on any phone

This feature detects sound such as a baby’s crying, small children playing or even an elderly family member calling out. It then alerts you and allows you to monitor the sound via a handset in another room. This clever function can also call a pre-set external line, which is very handy for parents busy around the house, simply keep your mobile phone on vibrate to avoid disturbing others in the home.

Peace of mind when you need it most

Cordless phones have become a popular household communication tool. Most people don’t realise until it’s too late that their cordless phone must have power to communicate with the handset. Not being able to make calls during a black-out isn’t just inconvenient; it could be the difference between life and death during a real crisis. The KX-TG8563 incorporates a clever Power Failure Talk System; during a black-out you can supply the power stored in your handset to the base unit, so you can make calls even when the power is out. The user simply places the handset on the base (to power the phone) and will then be able to make and receive calls from the base using speakerphone or from the comfort of an additional handset.

Premium high resolution TFT LCD screen

The 1.8 inch full colour display provides high contrast and a wider view angle in style. This technology is unique to Panasonic cordless phones, making the KX-TG8563 the most affordable full colour screen cordless phone in the market.

Incoming call blocker and night mode

By utilising the Incoming Call Block and Night Mode features, you can control calls so they don’t intrude on your life, yet still be available for the really important people. This is fantastic for when you are sleeping and don’t want to be disturbed, yet still need to receive calls from close friends or family.

All the extras you expect from Panasonic

The KX-TG8563 features the unique One Touch Eco Mode to greatly reduce signal output and power consumption, along with a high-quality digital answering machine and a phone book with enough space to store 250 names and numbers.
DECT / GAP Yes / Yes
Multiple Handsets Capability Up to 6
Multiple Base Units Capability Up to 4
Number of LCD Languages 14
Answering Machine Yes with visual message list
Answering Machine Remote Control Access Remote operation from outside
Ringer / Charger Indicator Yes / Blue
Incoming Call Barring - Black List 1 30
Customised Sound System Treble / Bass
Bluetooth Function -
Short Stroke Key Yes
Power Back-up Operation Yes
Baby Monitor Yes
Smart Function Key - TOP Key -
Advanced Alarm Clock Yes
Night Mode Yes
Call Restriction Yes
Low Radio Power - Handset Yes
Clear Sound Yes
Secure Grip Handset -
One Touch Eco Mode Yes
Caller ID / Caller ID Memory 1 Yes / 50 Stations
Talking Caller ID - Handset -
Phonebook Memory (Name & Number) Shared: 250 Stations
Personal: 100 Stations
Phonebook Copy Handset - Handset
Handset - Base
Speed Dial Yes
LCD - Handset (cm) 3.18
TFT Colour, 128 x 160 pixels
LCD Backlight Colour White
Illuminated Keypad White
Ringer Pattern - Tone / Melody 10 / 30 (Polyphonic)
Ringer Volume 6-step + Off
Auto Redial Yes
Redial Memory - Handset (Name & Number) 3 10
Speakerphone - Volume 6-step
Receiver Volume 4-step
Conference Call with Outside Line 3-way 2
Call Share Yes
Intercom - Handset to Handset Yes 2
Any Key Answer Yes
Mute / Clock Yes / Yes
Alarm Wake-up / Memo Alarm
Battery Type Ni-MH, AAA x 2
Talk Time (hours) 12
Standby Time (hours) 250
Charge Time (hours) 7
Headset Jack Yes
Key Lock Yes
LCD - Base 7-segments, 2 digits
Ringer Pattern 1
Wall Mountable -
Total Recording Time (mins) Approx. 40
Visual Message List - Handset LCD Yes
Base Dimensions - W x D x H (mm) 112 x 121 x 43
Handset Dimensions - W x D x H (mm) 48 x 25 x 150
Charger Dimensions - W x D x H (mm) 72 x 76 x 43
Base Weight (g) 170
Handset Weight (g) 115
Charger Weight (g) 50
Standard Belt Clip
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