MIDEA MWF07CB4 Box Air Conditioner (2.13kW Cooling-Only)

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Window Wall units have no separate indoor and outdoor units and because installation does not require a qualified refrigeration mechanic, you may consider installing it yourself.

Enjoy convenient features like remote control, easily removable front panel for easy periodic cleaning, fresh air switch to draw in air from outside while stale air inside is expelled out, timer option and automatic left to right airflow to give that even air distribution. The units have clean designs and are compact in size to complement your home’s interior.
Features / Specifications

5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty Through Midea

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- Gold Fin Anti-corrosive Condenser
- Rotary Compressor
- Remote Control
- Removable Panel
- Sliding Chassis
- Dual Drainage
- Fresh Air Switch
- Automatic Left to Right Airflow
- 5 Year Warranty (Condition apply, see details in Warranty card)
- SSS Warranty Service System

Gold Fin Anti-corrosive Condenser

The Golden hydrophilic condenser improves the heating efficiency by accelerating the defrosting process. The special anti-corrosive golden coating on the condenser also aids in withstanding the effects of salty air, rain and other corrosive elements by allowing contaminated water on the coil to run off more quickly reducing the corrosive effect to the coil. Heat exchange performance is much longer lasting.

Rotary Compressor

The rotary compressor reduces noise and vibration.

Remote Control

Your easy to operate remote control puts comfort at your fingertips.

Removable Panel

The front panel can be easily removed for periodic cleaning.

Sliding Chassis

The casing slides out easily to allow simple installation and servicing.

Dual Drainage

Alternative drainage points provide versatility for different drainage situations.

Fresh Air Switch

Pressing the “Fresh Air” button draws in fresh air from outside, as air pressure expels air from inside.

Automatic Left to Right Airflow

Gives even air distribution.

5 Year Warranty

Five year warranty is provided for both domestic and commercial applications for further peace of mind. Ensure that your installer is qualified and licensed to avoid risking your warranty. (Conditions apply)

SSS Warranty Service System

The SSS Warranty Service System is a designated help line which saves you having to organise servicing through the original reseller or find an appointed service repairer. The help line takes your purchase details and establishes the problem, then contacts an appointed service centre and arrange for the work to be done.

Model Number - MWF07CB4
Power Supply - Ph, 220-240V, 50Hz
Cooling Capacity - 2.13 kW
Cooling Input - 640 W
Cooling Rated Current - 2.9 A
Cooling EER - 3.33 w/w
Cooling AEER - 3.32 w/w
Energy Rating Cooling (CEC/MEPS) - 2
Moisture Removal 0.8 L/Hr
Max Input Consumption 850 W
Max Current 3.8 A
Starting Current 15 A
Plug Type 10 A
Control Type Remote Control
Compressor Type Rotary
Indoor Air Flow (H/M/L) 105/96/86 L/sec
Indoor Noise Level(H/M/L) 51/48/45 dB(A)
Outdoor Noise Level (Sound Pressure) H/M/L 58/55/52 dB(A)
Outdoor Noise Level (Sound Power) 66 dB(A)
Dimension (WxDxH) 600 × 560 × 380 mm
Weight (net/gross) 35/39 kg
Refrigerant Type R410A 430 g
Ambient Temp (Cooling/Heating) 18~43/--- °C
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