KENWOOD SC590 Multi Steamer Steam Cleaner /Mop

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Italian designed for the very best in quality and style.

The SC590 Multi Steamer Steam Cleaner effectively cleans hard floors such as sealed wood, tiles, lino, marble and stone. It is compact, easy to use, easy to store, and multi-accessorised.
Features / Specifications

With 1400W of power and a 500ml boiler capacity, the SC590 Multi Steamer Steam Cleaner has the everyday power and versatility needed, with the steam mop and gun combined.

The Multi Steamer Steam Cleaner refreshes carpet pile, cleans and sanitises hard floors, ovens and hobs, surfaces, sinks, toilet rims, windows, clothes, curtains and upholstery.

Hard floors can be scrubbed and steamed simultaneously through the floor nozzle, or just steamed by attaching the cleaning cloth.

* Brush: Round
* Extension nozzle: Yes
* Extension tube: Yes
* Floor brush with magic cloth: Yes
* Glass cleaner: Yes
* Nozzle: Angled
* Upholstery brush with cloth: Yes
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