EUROMAID WM8 8kg Front-Load Washing Machine

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Perfect for large busy families, this Euromaid front loader has a large 8kg capacity and is filled with great features, including a 28 minute quick wash. With 11 different wash programs to choose from, and an easy to use control panel, finding a home for this Euromaid washing machine won’t be hard at all. And the best part about it, is its affordable price tag!
!!!FINAL DISPLAY UNIT REMAINING!!! Features / Specifications

* 8 kg washing capacity
* 1200 rpm spin speed
* 11 Wash Programs
* Auxiliary Functions
* 28 minute quick wash
* Self cleaning lint filter with coin trap
* Easily removable detergent dispenser
* LCD display
* Cycle indicator
* Economy cycles
* Time remaining function
* 24 hour time delay

The WM8 can be stacked with Euromaid dryer CD6KG.

Product Dimensions

* 840mm (H) x 600mm (W) x 590mm (D)

Convenient and smart

The smart delay lets you organise your washing routine to suit your schedule. Don’t want the washing machine on when guests are over? Simply set the delay start feature and enjoy the rest of your day knowing your Euromaid washing machine will do the work at a suitable time for you.

Time saving

Use the 28 minute quick wash program for a rapid turn-around while still cleaning your laundry thoroughly. Ideal if you have mountains of clothes to get through, or if you have a garment that needs cleaning in a hurry.

Peace of mind

Euromaid understands people can have concerns when buying a new washing machine. This is why the WM8 model comes with a 2 year standard warranty.

Easy Display

With the LCD display it’s easier to see the current cycle and time remaining. Plan your day around your washing cycles easily by knowing exactly how long each cycle will take.
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